How To Access And Complete Festival Of The Lost’s New Activity In Destiny 2 Haunted Sectors Guide

What are you going to do if something unusual happens in Destiny 2’s missing sectors? Of course, your closest Guardian. Unlike last year’s Festival of the Lost, which was held in a haunting forest on Mercury’s planet, this year’s event is spread out over lost sectors that have been renamed Haunted Sectors.

You’ll spend the majority of your time gathering sweets to buy items from Eva Levante, lost pages to fill the Book of the Forgotten, and hoping for a good roll with the new pulse gun Jurassic Green at these spots.

Visit Eva Levante In The Tower

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The friendliest face in Destiny is back to help kick off the Festival of the Lost celebrations, and she’ll give you a mask to wear about the home, your first quest, and bounties to win candy.

Complete Activities And Collect Candy While Wearing A Mask

Now that you’ve got your mask on, it’s time to explore the solar system and collect some sweets. You’ll get delicious treats from vanquished foes as long as you’re wearing the mask, and any you miss will be sent to the Postmaster. For the first portion of the stage, you’ll need 100 candy, therefore go to sections of the game that are densely occupied, such as lost sectors.

You must accomplish three actions to fulfill the second portion of this quest. The quickest method to gain Spectral Pages from activities is to jump between public events, which range from Gambit matches to Strikes.

A Spectral Page is awarded for completing a public event in its ordinary phase, while two pages are awarded for triggering a heroic variant. This shouldn’t take long, and you should be able to complete this section of the quest in minutes by simply hanging around in the European Dead Zone, where you’ll find a variety of public events to attend.

Select The Haunted Tower Playlist From The Tower

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Go to The Tower on the game director menu, and the Haunted Sectors Playlist will be at the top, just as last year. Choose it and get ready for a fight with the rest of your fireteam. There will also be modifiers active, such as Iron, which increases enemy health and Heavyweight, which stops enemies from being stunned by your blows, so plan appropriately.

Slay Headless Ones

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You’ll have five minutes to kill ten Headless Ones, ghastly monsters with jack-o-lantern heads that can take a lot of punishment. You’ll have to do this while fighting opposing forces as well, but the main purpose here is to keep an eye out for summoning circles:

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You can summon a Headless One by standing in one, which resembles a green circle filled with candles. Defeat it, find the next summoning circle, and the Haunted Sector boss will appear after 10 monsters have been defeated and all the Spectral Pages have been collected—which appear to drop from defeated Headless Ones.

How To Defeat The Haunted Sector Overseer

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The sector monster will be engulfed in a force field that renders it impenetrable to damage after you’ve caused some damage to it. Find a summoning circle and retrieve the pumpkin bomb that will spawn there to break the shield. You’ll also summon another Headless One in the process, making this boss encounter with the fierce minions even more dangerous.

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Toss the pumpkin at the Overseer to break its shield and heap punishment on him. You’ll win if you repeat this technique anytime its shield is restored.

Collect your loot, and then head back to The Tower to talk to Eva.

Add Your Manifested Pages Into The Book Of The Forgotten

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You can begin unlocking pages in the Book of the Forgotten with your Manifested Pages. For each locked page in the book, you’ll need two Manifested Pages, with a total of 27 pages to complete. If you speak with Eva again, she will reward you with the Jurassic Green pulse weapon for your efforts.

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After finishing the introduction to this year’s Festival of the Lost, you can focus on grinding through the Haunted Sectors for candy, which can be used to purchase masks, an Exotic Sparrow, a shader, and weaponry from prior festival events like Horror Story and Braytech Wolf Auto.

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