Fortnite Chapter 3 Map May Have Leaked As Epic Teases Big Changes

Fortnite Chapter 3 is, apparently, not far off. Despite the fact that Epic hasn’t formally affirmed Chapter 3 by name, we do know Chapter 2 closures on December 4, and it’s probably correct another part with another island anticipates us on the opposite side. Epic’s most recent tweet appears to wink at players waiting for additional signs with regards to what lies ahead, and the potential for a shiny new island looks solid. Indeed, we may as of now be taking a gander at it.

Remember that First Drop feeling? An undiscovered world with new secrets to unfold.— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) November 26, 2021

Epic’s tweeted bother incorporates a picture of Chapter 2’s guide, yet its went with subtitle is the main sign since the declaration of the Chapter 2 finale that what’s coming on the opposite side of that fight with the Cube Queen might be an entirely different world, similar as we saw when Fortnite moved into Chapter 2 of every 2019. In those days, Epic shipped off the first island, named Athena, for the current island, Apollo, adding things like fishing, vehicles, and NPCs as the section continued for the a long time since.

As per bits of gossip, the following island is to be named Artemis, and keeping in mind that we’re effectively exploring the legendary importance behind these naming shows, it’s likewise significant that a few players think the Chapter 3 guide has as of now spilled.

A fan-made sketch of an island “idea” is being passed around on the web and supposed to really be a hole. At times it’s the situation, with Fortnite and likely different games as well, where authentic breaks are conveyed as “ideas” or “speculations” so as not to consume insider contacts. That is conceivably what’s going on with this intricate drawing of an island that would appear to fit the Fortnite form, however that surely doesn’t mean it’s an affirmed spill all things considered.

RUMOR: This *MIGHT* be our first glimpse at the Chapter 3 map!
According to u/Edmire2k on Reddit, Epic have been working on the Chapter 3 map for a while now. They have made a concept based on what they have heard & seen.— Fortnite News (@SentinelCentral) October 25, 2021

The guide includes for the most part pristine named spots of interest, however in conventional Fortnite design, additionally reconsiders past areas like Pleasant Park, which has been highlighted in virtually each of the 18 periods of Fortnite up until now, and Tilted Towers, which Epic has teased constantly in the a long time since it vanished. Various biomes and long PUBG-like extensions check out as well, yet remember these thoughts could simply be coming from a decent arrangement fan of the manner in which Epic plans its guides.

It’s important, notwithstanding, that a similar client who planned the idea dependent on an early Epic rendition now says the Chapter 3 guide appears to be unique, however added that a few POIs and all biomes are relied upon to show up in the last form.

While Fortnite spills come almost as regularly as dawns, we will not have to stand by long until Chapter 3 starts and we can see the new island for ourselves. The Chapter 2 finale starts on December 4 at 1 PM PT/4 PM ET. You can line into the playlist for The End with up to 15 others as ahead of schedule as 30 minutes in advance to hold your virtual seat for the show. It’s relied upon to be perhaps the greatest exhibition we’ve at any point seen in Fortnite, so don’t miss it.


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