Rathalos, “King of the Skies”


  “King of the Skies”


ORDER: Saurischian

THREAT LEVEL: ⭑ ⭑ ⭑ ⭑ ⭑ ⭑ 

Ferocious flying wyverns seen soaring along the skies of the world. Feared as “King of the Skies” throughout the continents, their rule and prescence can be felt for humdreds of miles. These mighty kings attack from above unto invaders of their territory with jaws of raging hellfire and talons of deathly venom.” 

Rathalos are monsters of the Old World and New World that have ruled the skies for millions of years. Male crimson red wyverns that patrol great stretches of territory, their power is seldom tested by both man and monster alike. Facing his highness requires a will of iron, a heart that yearns for the hunt. 

The origins of the Rathalos and Rathian, “Queen of the Land”, are found in the Old World, their ancestors migrating to the New World via land bridges twenty million years ago. During this time in the New World, new ecological niches were a source of power struggles amongst the large monster species. The ancestors of the Rath quickly rose to power, fulfilling their place as an apex predator of the New World. 

The modern day Rathalos is evolved for strength and agility. They possess well developed limbs to power their regal flight and strikes at prey. When his highness sets his sights on frightened creatures, he takes to a dive, trapping the mortified quarry with cruel talons in the blink of an eye. Rathalos will lift monsters off the ground, beating them relentlessly. The club on the tail of the Rathalos adorns large, deadly spikes; any target hit either becomes impaled or sustains a devastating blow. The fire blasts of this wyvern scorch the earth, and can knock down large monsters. 

The prescence of the Rathalos indicates a balanced ecosystem. Upon spotting invaders, Rathalos initiate battle. Driving out invasive monsters ensures the biotic factors of an evosystem are protected. 

Rathalos rule many lands across the continents, sometimes fighting other large monsters for dominance. These wyverns fight to their dying breath, unwaveringly protecting what all they have claimed. For as long as the Rathalos rules, the skies will forever have a frightful king. 


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