Shrek’s house has been found on Hunt: Showdown’s new map

(Image credit: Crytek, Dreamworks)

Hunt: Showdown’s spooky swamps are full of all manner of beasts, but none are so fearsome as the great green ogre that supposedly lives in the game’s new DeSalle map.

The bayou royale’s new map recently hit test servers, giving players the opportuinity to play before its official release later this summer. Redditor: zzilla8 spotted an unexpected resident of DeSalle, posting that he’d found the shack of Dreamworks’ big green mascot Shrek.

If you’re looking for the ogres house, zzilla8 hints that you can find it somewhere on the bottom-left of the map. It even includes the toilet that generated way too many Smash Mouth memes. This isn’t new for Hunt, mind—the game has already included references to everything from Die Hard to Back to the Future.

New Vertagear Gaming Chair

The new vertagear PL4500 retails for $600 and has been designed in collaboration with jewelry-maser Swarovski. The crystals are exclusive to diamond shapes across the front of the chair as well as in the company’s logo at the top and on the back. The luxury in the chair cannot be seen from afar but it’s the kind of luxury you feel when you’re sitting on it. Below are some close-up images of the Swarovski gaming chair.

Swarovski Gaming Chair

Fortnite Lebron James Skin Revealed

The New Lebron James will be available for purchase in the item shop tommorow as apart of the Icon Series consisting of Ninja, Marshmello, Travis Scott And More!

Tomorrow you will be able to play one of the best basketball players of all time, just before the release of the James-staring Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Lebron James – Icon Series

There will be multiple outfits for James on July 14. The Lebron James outfit is based on what he’s known to wear before games, but modified to include the King’s Back Bling and sunglasses. The Lebron James bundle comes with the Lion Pickaxe, The Wingspan Glider, and a special celebration called the Silencer. There is another style to Lebron James’s outfit, it’s based on James’ look in Space Jam: A New Legacy with the basketball player wearing his Tune Squad jersey.

Fortnite Cattle: Place Cow Decoys In Farms – Week 6 Legendary Quest

In Fortnite Season 7 Week 6, you’ll need to place cow decoys in farms to earn the 30,000 XP associated with this Legendary Quest. It’s one of several challenges that has players exploring the region around Farmer Steel’s Farm–the same Farmer Steel who demands to be left alone–has been thrust into a starring role in the Season 7 story. Below Is the Map and List of where to find the cow decoys.

Where To Find Cow Decoys

For this quest, you’ll need to place three cow decoys in farms, specifically in and around Corny Complex. Below is the location of 14 that appear when the challenge is live. You can pick the three that’s best for you.

  • Near the western white hay shed
  • Among the crops west of the central barn
  • Northwest of the central barn in front of the large building
  • To the southern limit of Corny Complex nearby the small building
  • Slightly west of the southeastern small shed
  • Between the house and the crops southeast from the house
  • Farther southeast from the previous cow decoy near the southeastern edge of the crops

According to leaks, there will be seven more cow decoy locations around stell farm, which is northeast across the river from Corny Complex. Here are those locations if you want to check them out.

Find cow decoys at Steel Farm:

  • By the trees north of the house
  • By the eastern edge of the corn crops
  • Slightly southeast from there before you cross the road
  • Another cross the road even more south
  • At the cliff’s base to the west
  • Southeast from there to the nearby intersection of grass and dirt
  • Slightly south of the house
All Cow Decoy Locations

Fortnite Inflate-A-Bull Gets Players On The Move

The New Fortnite Inflate-A-Bull has been released in the game today as a small hotfix to the very popular game. The Inflate-A-Bull introduces a brand-new way for players to explore the island. The Inflate-A-Bull is not a weapon but it might be what you need to survive the storm or getting out of a sticky suituation.

How It Works

The Inflate-A-Bull is a new item you can deploy by jumping when equipped, similar to the Hop Flopper. The Inflate-A-Bull is not a real animal, but a balloon meant to look like a cow, which you’ll enter into head-to-toe as you bounce around the map. The Inflate-A-Bull is similar to Groot’s Bramble in Chapter 1 Season 4, a sphere made out of branches that allows players to move faster down slopes and be protected from damage.

The Inflate-A-Bull will pop when shot but will also absorb those shots. While popped, it won’t disappear from your inventory either. Instead it has a cooldown timer before it can be deployed again. The Inflate-A-Bull will also attract Saucers piloted by NPC (nonplayer character) “trespassers,” or aliens. The increased jumping ability and faster speeds may prove worth the trouble of some extra attention.

Fortnite Inflate-A-Bull

Where To Find The Inflate-A-Bull

The Inflate-A-Bull does not spawn in one place since it’s not an exotic item. Instead, you can find them in random chests as well as within some IO “henchmen” chests which are reliably found at every satellite station across the map. There is one place you can find an Inflate-A-Bull without fail.

The Rick at the Defiant satellite station, east of Weeping Woods and you’ll be able to purchase an Inflate-A-Bull for 25 Gold Bars. It’s a very cheap expense for a fun and exciting new item.

Ninja Is A Playable Character In Raid: Shadow Legends

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is being turned into a character from the popular RPG game, Raid: Shadow Legends. He will arrive in the game July 16th free for all players for three months.

Ninja will discuss his character for Raid: Shadow Legends on a livestream on July 19th. People will be able to listen to him talk about the inspiration for the character’s design and its unique abilities

Now Playing: Ninja Now Playable In RAID Shadow Legends

Ninja’s character adds to the 500+ champtions already in the game. Like the other characters, they’re playable across single-player, Dungeons, Arena, Faction Wars, Doom Tower and other modes.

“I’m really exited to introduce Raid fans to my champion, which was designed to match how I’ve always pictured myself in an RPG game,”. “As my fans know, I love the RPG genre, and to see myself as a fantasy character with my own set of special skills and attributes is awesome!

Ninja’s RAID Shadow Legend Character

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Fortnite Week 6 Alien Artifact Locations

New Alien Artifacts are on their way with Fortnite week 6. The latest update of Alien Artifacts will go live on Thursday, July 15 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET. This week brings another set of five artifacts to find spread across the island of Apollo. Here’s the complete guide to help you through collecting this week’s Alien Artifacts.

Week 6 Alien Artifacts

With five new Alien Artifact locations to find in Week 6, you can once again collect total of 20 Alien Artifacts to spend on Kymera (four artifacts within each canister), the tier one Battle Pass character for Fortnite Season 7.

  • In The Shed South of Lockie’s Lighthouse
  • In The Ground Floor of Orelia’s island ruins
  • At the snowy mountaintop camp east of Catty Corner, inside a small building
  • In the small shed full of hay in the west of Corny Complex
  • Among some alien trees south of Steamy Stacks.
All Fortnite Week 6 Alien Artifacts

You’re unlikely to grab all the Alien Artifacts in one round since they’re spread out. Although, you could hop in a UFO and with a little bit of storm luck possibly get them all in one go. But don’t worry as long as you get them before they disappear next week, you’ll be all set.