Details For COD: Black Ops Cold War Season 6 Zombies Map Revealed

Call of Duty Season 6 is starting on October 7, and Treyarch’s blog post revealed the details for Black Ops Cold War’s final Zombies jockey that arrives with the launch of the new season. The chart is called Forsaken, and this round- hung Zombies experience will conclude the Cold War action of the CIA Requiem examination brigade’s expenditures to stop the Omega Group, who are responsible for all the Dark Aether doors and zombie outbreaks.

Requiem and Omega Group are now both fighting to wrest Sergeant Kazimir Zykov from the Dark Aether. Both parties believe this Soviet serviceman who closed the hatch at Die Maschine’s Projekt Endstation will be the key to dealing with the Forsaken, a puissant force that exists in the Dark Aether.

Chrysalax Schematics for potential new Wonder Weapon
Chrysalax Schematics for potential new Wonder Weapon

For players who have not been collecting the in- game Zombies intel, YouTuber MrDalekJD has a great breakdown of some of the game’s story intel, but Season 5’s story suggests that Requiem and Omega Group have two different plans for dealing with the Forsaken. Requiem sound to be trying to stop the critter from crossing over, but Omega Group sounds like they’re trying to prisoner and harness the powers of the Dark Aether critter for wicked purposes.

Sergei Ravenov, a apostate from Omega Group, is also revealed to have fed Requiem with intel detailing that the Omega Group is constructing a large door in western Ukraine. This is the anteriorly teased complex from Black Ops Cold War’s Operation Redlight, Greenlight blitz brief that will serve as the new chart’s setting. Now this new Abandoned chart teases the final showdown as Requiem and Omega go head-to- head in this Zombies action conclusion.

We will likely get fresh details about any new gravies or securities being added with the Marooned chart as Season 6’s October 7 launch date approaches. The blog post also teases a possible new Wonder Weapon dubbed the Chrysalax, which appears to be some order of layoff.

In other Season 6 news, Warzone is likely getting major chart changes after present’s new cinematic RV shows the destruction of the Verdansk colosseum and other points of interest.

All of this Call of Duty content arrives as Activision Blizzard faces a proceeding from the state of California over alleged harrying and distinction against women.