New Fortnite Cobra Kai Bundle

New Cobra Kai-inspired clothing has been released in honor of the hit Netflix show’s Season 4 premiere, and Fortnite is ready to mix in some karate with its gunplay.

Players can dress up as one of the three primary schools in Cobra Kai: Eagle Fang, Miyagi-Do, or the titular Cobra Kai with ten new skins (five male and five female). The skins are available individually or as part of two bundles: Karate KO and Dojo Showdown.

There will also be a second Cobra Kai Gear package, which will add many extra parts to the Cobra Kai kit. The Teachings of Miyagi and the Cobra Coin back blings, as well as the Dojo Logo and Cobra’s Curse pickaxes and an emote of the classic Karate Kid technique, the Crane Kick, are all included in the bundle.

Cobra Kai is the latest property to make an appearance in Fortnite’s battle royale mode, and the first for Netflix since Jinx from Arcane: A League of Legends Story made an appearance in early November. Gears of War, The Matrix, and Spider-Man are among the other brands that have debuted since Chapter 3 began.

If Cobra Kai is going to reintroduce you to the battle royale after a long absence, make sure you brush up on some of Fortnite’s newest concepts, such as sliding, utilizing tents to store things for future matches, and earning the Victory Crown after a Victory Royale.


Fortnite Chapter 3 Map May Have Leaked As Epic Teases Big Changes

Fortnite Chapter 3 is, apparently, not far off. Despite the fact that Epic hasn’t formally affirmed Chapter 3 by name, we do know Chapter 2 closures on December 4, and it’s probably correct another part with another island anticipates us on the opposite side. Epic’s most recent tweet appears to wink at players waiting for additional signs with regards to what lies ahead, and the potential for a shiny new island looks solid. Indeed, we may as of now be taking a gander at it.

Remember that First Drop feeling? An undiscovered world with new secrets to unfold.— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) November 26, 2021

Epic’s tweeted bother incorporates a picture of Chapter 2’s guide, yet its went with subtitle is the main sign since the declaration of the Chapter 2 finale that what’s coming on the opposite side of that fight with the Cube Queen might be an entirely different world, similar as we saw when Fortnite moved into Chapter 2 of every 2019. In those days, Epic shipped off the first island, named Athena, for the current island, Apollo, adding things like fishing, vehicles, and NPCs as the section continued for the a long time since.

As per bits of gossip, the following island is to be named Artemis, and keeping in mind that we’re effectively exploring the legendary importance behind these naming shows, it’s likewise significant that a few players think the Chapter 3 guide has as of now spilled.

A fan-made sketch of an island “idea” is being passed around on the web and supposed to really be a hole. At times it’s the situation, with Fortnite and likely different games as well, where authentic breaks are conveyed as “ideas” or “speculations” so as not to consume insider contacts. That is conceivably what’s going on with this intricate drawing of an island that would appear to fit the Fortnite form, however that surely doesn’t mean it’s an affirmed spill all things considered.

RUMOR: This *MIGHT* be our first glimpse at the Chapter 3 map!
According to u/Edmire2k on Reddit, Epic have been working on the Chapter 3 map for a while now. They have made a concept based on what they have heard & seen.— Fortnite News (@SentinelCentral) October 25, 2021

The guide includes for the most part pristine named spots of interest, however in conventional Fortnite design, additionally reconsiders past areas like Pleasant Park, which has been highlighted in virtually each of the 18 periods of Fortnite up until now, and Tilted Towers, which Epic has teased constantly in the a long time since it vanished. Various biomes and long PUBG-like extensions check out as well, yet remember these thoughts could simply be coming from a decent arrangement fan of the manner in which Epic plans its guides.

It’s important, notwithstanding, that a similar client who planned the idea dependent on an early Epic rendition now says the Chapter 3 guide appears to be unique, however added that a few POIs and all biomes are relied upon to show up in the last form.

While Fortnite spills come almost as regularly as dawns, we will not have to stand by long until Chapter 3 starts and we can see the new island for ourselves. The Chapter 2 finale starts on December 4 at 1 PM PT/4 PM ET. You can line into the playlist for The End with up to 15 others as ahead of schedule as 30 minutes in advance to hold your virtual seat for the show. It’s relied upon to be perhaps the greatest exhibition we’ve at any point seen in Fortnite, so don’t miss it.

Fortnite: The End – Chapter 2 Finale Announced; Start Date And Details Here

Fortnite Chapter 2 is reaching a conclusion, Epic at long last affirmed following a long time of tales and fan speculations. All the more explicitly, Fortnite is arriving at The End, which is the name given to the Chapter 2 finale occasion that you can be a piece of, yet like some previous occasions, this is a one-time show, so you’ll need to be there right when everything goes down. Here is all you want to have some familiarity with about Fortnite: The End – Chapter 2 Finale.

Fortnite’s certain to-be epic finale occasion starts off on December 4 at 1 PM PT/4 PM ET across all stages. Assuming you’re keen on joining the story occasion, it’s suggested that you line into the playlist as right on time as 30 minutes early to guarantee you can hold your seat for the allegorical firecrackers.

Normally, we don’t have the foggiest idea about a ton in regards to what the occasion will involve past sensible suspicions from long periods of comparative occasions and current happenings in the story. Our Fortnite Season 8 story recap spreads out the real factors as we probably are aware them, yet nobody outside of Epic knows how it will all end presently. You can likewise learn about why Chapter 2 has less seasons than Chapter 1 here.

Considering that this is the finish of the period, yet in addition the whole part, it’s probably the case another island is en route to Fortnite, similar as how Chapter 2 saw the vanishing of Athena and the ensuing appearance of Apollo. The new island, supposed to be named Artemis, will probably be very not quite the same as what we’ve seen previously, on the grounds that that is simply the assumption Epic has set at this point, four years into the gigantic live-administration explore that is Fortnite.

In case you notice in the vital craftsmanship over, the words “The End” additionally appear to be styled with topsy turvy landscape brought into the letters. This is likely one more allude to the following island’s “flipside” talk, which in legend terms appears to show that the island of Artemis is some way or another the converse or topsy turvy form of Apollo. We’ll comprehend that better in a couple of days, no question. For the present, it makes me mixed up.

The finale occasion coming on December 4 methods the season will end a day sooner than initially arranged, and hence, Epic will gift 225,000 XP to all players who sign in before the start of The End. Playing through The End will likewise net you an elite stacking screen and wrap to remember the approaching clear upheaval.

Fully expecting the finale occasion, Epic has additionally focused on that you should try to polish off your Toona Fish shading bottle styles, Cube Queen difficulties, and other fight pass rewards, as when The End shows up, those prizes will be locked for great as loopers all throughout the planet are flung recklessly into another Fortnite reality.

Also, costs on things around the island will be discounted to urge you to spend your gold bars before they terminate. You can likewise partake in a third and last Power Leveling Weekend assuming you want to polish off the fight pass. Expanded XP gains can be had between November 26 at 4 PM PT/7 PM ET and November 29 at 4 AM PT/7 AM ET.

The End is here, yet doubtlessly The End is only a fresh start. Prepare, loopers. It’s going to get odd once more.

How To Access And Complete Festival Of The Lost’s New Activity In Destiny 2 Haunted Sectors Guide

What are you going to do if something unusual happens in Destiny 2’s missing sectors? Of course, your closest Guardian. Unlike last year’s Festival of the Lost, which was held in a haunting forest on Mercury’s planet, this year’s event is spread out over lost sectors that have been renamed Haunted Sectors.

You’ll spend the majority of your time gathering sweets to buy items from Eva Levante, lost pages to fill the Book of the Forgotten, and hoping for a good roll with the new pulse gun Jurassic Green at these spots.

Visit Eva Levante In The Tower

No Caption Provided

The friendliest face in Destiny is back to help kick off the Festival of the Lost celebrations, and she’ll give you a mask to wear about the home, your first quest, and bounties to win candy.

Complete Activities And Collect Candy While Wearing A Mask

Now that you’ve got your mask on, it’s time to explore the solar system and collect some sweets. You’ll get delicious treats from vanquished foes as long as you’re wearing the mask, and any you miss will be sent to the Postmaster. For the first portion of the stage, you’ll need 100 candy, therefore go to sections of the game that are densely occupied, such as lost sectors.

You must accomplish three actions to fulfill the second portion of this quest. The quickest method to gain Spectral Pages from activities is to jump between public events, which range from Gambit matches to Strikes.

A Spectral Page is awarded for completing a public event in its ordinary phase, while two pages are awarded for triggering a heroic variant. This shouldn’t take long, and you should be able to complete this section of the quest in minutes by simply hanging around in the European Dead Zone, where you’ll find a variety of public events to attend.

Select The Haunted Tower Playlist From The Tower

No Caption Provided

Go to The Tower on the game director menu, and the Haunted Sectors Playlist will be at the top, just as last year. Choose it and get ready for a fight with the rest of your fireteam. There will also be modifiers active, such as Iron, which increases enemy health and Heavyweight, which stops enemies from being stunned by your blows, so plan appropriately.

Slay Headless Ones

No Caption Provided

You’ll have five minutes to kill ten Headless Ones, ghastly monsters with jack-o-lantern heads that can take a lot of punishment. You’ll have to do this while fighting opposing forces as well, but the main purpose here is to keep an eye out for summoning circles:

No Caption Provided

You can summon a Headless One by standing in one, which resembles a green circle filled with candles. Defeat it, find the next summoning circle, and the Haunted Sector boss will appear after 10 monsters have been defeated and all the Spectral Pages have been collected—which appear to drop from defeated Headless Ones.

How To Defeat The Haunted Sector Overseer

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The sector monster will be engulfed in a force field that renders it impenetrable to damage after you’ve caused some damage to it. Find a summoning circle and retrieve the pumpkin bomb that will spawn there to break the shield. You’ll also summon another Headless One in the process, making this boss encounter with the fierce minions even more dangerous.

No Caption Provided

Toss the pumpkin at the Overseer to break its shield and heap punishment on him. You’ll win if you repeat this technique anytime its shield is restored.

Collect your loot, and then head back to The Tower to talk to Eva.

Add Your Manifested Pages Into The Book Of The Forgotten

No Caption Provided

You can begin unlocking pages in the Book of the Forgotten with your Manifested Pages. For each locked page in the book, you’ll need two Manifested Pages, with a total of 27 pages to complete. If you speak with Eva again, she will reward you with the Jurassic Green pulse weapon for your efforts.

No Caption Provided

After finishing the introduction to this year’s Festival of the Lost, you can focus on grinding through the Haunted Sectors for candy, which can be used to purchase masks, an Exotic Sparrow, a shader, and weaponry from prior festival events like Horror Story and Braytech Wolf Auto.

Grisly Kraid Secret From Metroid Dread Rewards Speedrunners

Metroid fans are no strangers to speedrunning. There has been a desire to finish the games as rapidly as possible since the original game-locked endings, or increasingly naked clothing for Samus, were hidden behind completion times. Metroid Dread is no different. The explicit encouragement from developers MercurySteam and Nintendo EPD by rewarding classic speedrunning tactics with secret content makes the new release unique. Fighting Kraid, an early boss fight, is substantially easier thanks to a clever sequence break.

When a player deviates from the primary path that they are supposed to take in order to obtain powerful goods sooner in the game than is intended for most players, this is known as sequence breaking. Glitches are sometimes used in sequence breaks. Access to additional locations can be gained by clipping through a wall or taking advantage of a tough jump. They do, however, occasionally rely on a detailed understanding of how the game works and a little more talent to negotiate a difficult section.

Getting a couple of items early in Metroid Dread will help you overcome Kraid much faster. This method does not necessitate any meta-game manipulation, showing that the exploit was designed with players in mind. According to YouTuber TheSeventhForce, the technique necessitates the player first obtaining the series’ famous grappling beam. Samus may use the beam to pull objects out of the way and hook on to grapple points. Samus is able to get to the Morph Ball Bombs by using the beam. Players will only find the bombs after the Kraid combat if they don’t use the exploit, but a little maneuvering will help them get them sooner.

The Morph Ball Bombs come in helpful during the Kraid boss fight. A cinematic will play after the first phase of the combat, where Kraid is bound and shooting his claws and gassy bombs at Samus. Kraid’s stomach is exposed shortly after, replete with a gaping wound. If Samus backs into the wall while in Morph Ball mode, a cannon will materialize and launch her straight into the stomach of the boss monster. The conflict will be finished in seconds with a couple drops of Morph Ball Bombs.

While such antics are nothing new in Metroid, it’s a wonderful joy to see the devs expressly include sequence breaks in a sure-to-be-popular speedrunning game. As more speedrunners take up the game, a variety of such approaches, whether intended or not, are bound to emerge.

Details For COD: Black Ops Cold War Season 6 Zombies Map Revealed

Call of Duty Season 6 is starting on October 7, and Treyarch’s blog post revealed the details for Black Ops Cold War’s final Zombies jockey that arrives with the launch of the new season. The chart is called Forsaken, and this round- hung Zombies experience will conclude the Cold War action of the CIA Requiem examination brigade’s expenditures to stop the Omega Group, who are responsible for all the Dark Aether doors and zombie outbreaks.

Requiem and Omega Group are now both fighting to wrest Sergeant Kazimir Zykov from the Dark Aether. Both parties believe this Soviet serviceman who closed the hatch at Die Maschine’s Projekt Endstation will be the key to dealing with the Forsaken, a puissant force that exists in the Dark Aether.

Chrysalax Schematics for potential new Wonder Weapon
Chrysalax Schematics for potential new Wonder Weapon

For players who have not been collecting the in- game Zombies intel, YouTuber MrDalekJD has a great breakdown of some of the game’s story intel, but Season 5’s story suggests that Requiem and Omega Group have two different plans for dealing with the Forsaken. Requiem sound to be trying to stop the critter from crossing over, but Omega Group sounds like they’re trying to prisoner and harness the powers of the Dark Aether critter for wicked purposes.

Sergei Ravenov, a apostate from Omega Group, is also revealed to have fed Requiem with intel detailing that the Omega Group is constructing a large door in western Ukraine. This is the anteriorly teased complex from Black Ops Cold War’s Operation Redlight, Greenlight blitz brief that will serve as the new chart’s setting. Now this new Abandoned chart teases the final showdown as Requiem and Omega go head-to- head in this Zombies action conclusion.

We will likely get fresh details about any new gravies or securities being added with the Marooned chart as Season 6’s October 7 launch date approaches. The blog post also teases a possible new Wonder Weapon dubbed the Chrysalax, which appears to be some order of layoff.

In other Season 6 news, Warzone is likely getting major chart changes after present’s new cinematic RV shows the destruction of the Verdansk colosseum and other points of interest.

All of this Call of Duty content arrives as Activision Blizzard faces a proceeding from the state of California over alleged harrying and distinction against women.

Hackers Have Already Been Invading Call Of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s final beta weekend remains live and extended until September 22 across all platforms, but players are already facing off against hackers. this is often Call of Duty: Vanguard’s second multiplayer beta weekend, and it added cross-play across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Unfortunately, it also brought the nefarious hackers, who are ruining matches with the standardmixture of cheats, like aimbot and wallhacks to ascertain and shoot opponents through walls. Some players also are posting clips of hackers ending the matches early, which are abruptly concluded with the message that the host ended the sport.

Wait this cheater had walls in the Vanguard Beta and when we called him out he made the whole game end. I’m actually mindblowd!
— EasyStomps (@EasyStomps) September 19, 2021

Activision continuously works to ban cheaters in Call of Duty, with over 100,000 accounts already banned, and it seems players who have already been hardware banned for Warzone are finding they’re also banned within the Vanguard beta. While this does help to scale backthe amount of cheaters, players are still encountering many hackers in Call of Duty.

Hacking within the Vanguard beta is extremely concerning, but hopefully the cheaters are going to be better kept cornered once Call of Duty’s new anti-cheat system arrives later this year with integration of the new Warzone Pacific map. The first beta weekend already provided developers feedback for working to enhance Vanguard’s audio and visual issues, and a couple of changes were implemented to assist visibility for this second beta weekend. Players were ready to try a variety of maps and modes, which incorporates Vanguard’s new Gunfight-style Champion Hill mode. Call of Duty: Vanguard will arrive on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC on November 5. the autumn release remains on schedule as Activision Blizzard faces a lawsuit from the state of California over alleged harassment and discrimination against women.

COD: Warzone Will Get A Brand-New Map With A Anti-Cheat System

Confirming rumors, Activision has officially announced that decision of Duty: Warzone will get a brand-new map later this year, presumably round the time that decision of Duty: Vanguard launches this November. this is often not a modest redesign of the prevailing Verdansk that has been in situ since the sport launched in March 2020 but instead is an all-new environment. Raven Software, which is leading development on Warzone, is spearheading development of the new map.

This map uses an equivalent technology because the remainder of Vanguard, which suggests it runs on the upgraded version of the IW engine. The benefit here is that the game’s guns and mechanics should feel and operate an equivalent when switching between Vanguard’s other modes and Warzone. this is often a key difference between Warzone and Black Ops conflict, which run on different engines and have different features and functionality. All battle pass content earned in Black Ops conflict, Modern Warfare, Vanguard, and Warzone will carry over to the new Warzone map.

Additionally, all Rank and battle pass progress from these four games are going to be applied together.

No Caption Provided

Raven is creating a so-called Metaverse to attach the varied games that are released in recent years. When Warzone launched in March 2020, it featured weapons and items from 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. In 2020, Black Ops conflict items came to the sport. And now it appears weapons and items from those games, also as Vanguard, will operate together during this newest version of Warzone, though all the specifics of how this works remains unclear.

Another big takeaway from today’s announcement is that Warzone is getting a replacement anti-cheat system with the launch of the new map. this is often an enormous deal because cheating has been an ongoing issue in Warzone, with some big-name streamers opting to leap ship to other games because things have gotten so bad. Activision has banned quite 500,000 accounts, but with a free-to-play game that has 100 million players, there’s still more work to be done.

A new map and a replacement anti-cheat system are two of the foremost sought-after changes that players have involved to assist make Warzone more fun and enjoyable, so Activision is delivering the products, it might seem. Whether or not the new map and anti-cheat systems live up to expectations, however, are some things we’ll got to wait and see to seek out out.

Featuring a brand new map, gameplay and playlists, this Warzone experience will be supported with a new anti-cheat system on PC.— Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) August 19, 2021

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Comes To Nintendo Switch This Veteran’s Day

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is releasing on Nintendo turn on Veterans’ Day, Nintendo revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct. The digital-only release are going to be available to preorder later today on the Switch eShop. KOTOR is one among the simplest Star Wars games of all time, and although its price wasn’t announced during the stream, other classic Star Wars games on Switch have cost $10 to $15 on Switch.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is about thousands of years before the Skywalker Saga. the sport uses the d20 gameplay system popularized by Dungeons & Dragons. KOTOR stood out when it originally released in 2003 due to both its combat and its excellent writing. It tells one among the more interesting stories in Star Wars media. Hopefully Aspyr Media also will bring Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords to modify at a later date.

It’s certainly never a nasty time to dive into KOTOR, but it’s especially timely immediately. Just the opposite week during the newest PlayStation Showcase, Aspyr announced a full remake of KOTOR for PS5 and PC. It only received a quick teaser trailer and a release window wasn’t revealed.